Handmade Toys

Handmade Toys

Some of the most exciting offerings in the Rabbit Hole are the one of a kind, handmade toys and dolls that are tucked in among our shelves. These items range from the cute and cuddly Cornelius the Rabbit that is produced annually in limited edition runs by the Queen herself, to fantastic beasts!

You honestly never know what you will find peeking out of drawers or around the corners in the Rabbit Hole. You have to come back every week to see the new creatures that have made their way into the shop.

Cornelius Rabbit

Cornelius is the Rabbit Hole mascot. Each year, Rabbit crafts a limited number of these adorable … and washable … toys. Every year, Cornelius boasts a new and unique design making him fresh and collectable. He doesn’t hang around long though so be quick. This year he lasted on the shelves for less than a month!

Availability: **SOLD OUT**
Price: $34


Each of these handcrafted monsters is one of a kind. Conceptualized and created by Patrick Connelly, a local artist with an incredible vision. They are approximately 10″ tall, and have an internal wire, armature, making them posable.

Availability: 2 in stock
Price: $75