Frozen, Chocolate, Jabberwocky (i.e. Brandy) Pie

The Jabberwocky Pie is an amazing flavor experience. This frozen chocolate pie is made with just a touch of brandy to bring out the rich cocoa flavors and serve as counter point to the smooth and creamy texture. This pie has quickly become one of the mainstay items at The Rabbit Hole. What we had initially hoped would be a tasty diversion, has exploded into a full on community sensation.

Jabberwocky Pie is guaranteed to improve any day.

The Queen Rabbit personally crafts this pie from our secret family recipe (no joke). It is stored and served frozen … no thawing or heating or waiting of any kind … it is a straight to the tastebuds experience. Because of how it is prepared it will keep in your freezer for several weeks (but it never lasts that long).

Come in and ask for a taste (we always have one on hand to share with friends). Available in:

  • 9″ Party size for $29.99 which serves up to 16 people
  • 4″ Couples size for $9.99 which serves up to 4 people (but is best just shared with that special person in your life)
  • 2″ Personal pie for $3.50 which serves JUST YOU … but has become a favorite for weddings and parties! It is easy and delicious! Simply order up a stack of these special treats and pass them out without need to cut or plate.

People have tried to dress it up with raspberry drizzles or fancy whipped toppings, but really it stands alone as a perfect desert … or “I just need to feel better right now!” experience.

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