Rustic Crafts Other oddities and sundries can be found throughout the Rabbit Hole. Things that you just would not expect to find such as hand-forged, blacksmith items, hand quilted pillows with custom designs, and our famous try-cycled beach bags! Just to name a few of the wonderful items available.  

Organic Soaps

Organic Soaps For years now, the Queen Rabbit has been creating some of the most incredible organic soaps. Made from simple, pure ingredients and packed full of soothing oils like: vitamins E, shea butter, coconut butter, palm and olive oils … all carefully combined with organic seats and natural exfoliants. Once you try one of

Handmade Toys

Handmade Toys Some of the most exciting offerings in the Rabbit Hole are the one of a kind, handmade toys and dolls that are tucked in among our shelves. These items range from the cute and cuddly Cornelius the Rabbit that is produced annually in limited edition runs by the Queen herself, to fantastic beasts!

Custom Knits

Custom Knits Friday night is knit night at the Rabbit hole. If you are an accomplished knitter or skilled at crochet, or if you just are interested and want to learn how, the Rabbit Hole is the place to come on Friday nights. Come sit with the Queen, sip some hot tea or coco and